5 HVAC Noises (And What They Mean)

5 HVAC Noises (And What They Mean)

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What’s that sound? If strange noises are humming, rattling, or hissing through your vents, you might be worried something is wrong. The only way to know for sure is to have an expert come and listen. However, you can take a guess at what might be wrong by the what sounds you hear before your technician arrives.


    A gentle hum is normal sound that is created when air whooshes through your vents. This sound is subtle and you can likely tune it out unless you are concentrating on it. However, humming could mean that something is loose. It’s best to address any concerns right away before a small problem becomes big.


    When your system is making a rattling sound, it could be showing its age. Rattling is often the sign of a system deteriorating. Also, it might mean that pipes are loose and clinking into each other. You will need a professional to fix internal reasons for your rattling. On the contrary, you can inspect your unit outside and see if outdoor debris like leaves or sticks that made its way through the grate. Turn off your system and remove the debris. If there is damage, call an expert for help.


    A loud squeal might indicate a belt is frayed or that a component of your unit needs cleaning. You will want to have your belt changed before it breaks. Squealing also points to motor issues.


    The occasional pop or bang could be when the temperature changes within the ductwork system. It is ordinary noise and not always concerning. Of course, if it is a brand-new sound you’ve never noticed before, get a professional opinion.


    A hissing sound generally means that air is leaking. While not emergent, air leaking from ducts into the walls causes your system to be less efficient, which spikes your energy bills. It is time to get it resealed.

An HVAC system, like a car, requires maintenance for it to function properly. They are costly systems, and worth it to check out any strange noises. A happy, well-maintained HVAC system is a happy home; warm and cozy in the winter and comfy cool in the summer. It also lowers your utility bills, improves air quality, and requires fewer emergency repairs. Call us today to find out what that noise really means at (219) 299-8652.

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