AC Noises and What to Know About Them

AC Noises and What to Know About Them

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Your air conditioner should be quieter than ever in today’s world and we like it that way. So, we want you to be prepared with any information you may need to know in case your air conditioner isn’t so quiet anymore. 

For starters, if you hear a banging sound, it is most likely a loose and/or broken part inside the AC compressor. A banging noise could also mean that your AC needs a compressor replacement. Similar to this, you could hear a clanking meaning that the parts inside the sealed unit have failed or the compressor has become loose which are all problems that should not be ignored. 

Another sound you hear could be a clicking at the initial startup of your system. This is normal but if the clicking continues, you probably have an electrical issue in your thermostat. 

A buzzing sound is a little more common as a buzzing sound could mean a number of different things. It could mean that there are loose parts, debris, a loose motor, or a loose fan blade. It could also mean that the condenser coil needs to be cleaned, the air filter needs to be changes or there is a leak somewhere. 

While a humming sound probably isn’t going to be all that serious, it still points to some issue within your system and tells you to get your system checked out. A chattering or rattling in your AC means that parts are loosening and your system is starting to deteriorate.
Lastly, if you hear a high-pitched whistling, shut it off ASAP. This indicates a refrigerant leak or high internal pressure and can be dangerous to you and those living in your home. 

With any noise coming from your AC, you might want to turn it off and do some research on how to best move forward. Give us a call if you hear any noises, we would be happy to come check it out for you! 

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