Spring Time Maintenance

Spring Time Maintenance

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I don’t think anyone has ever said that they don’t enjoy the spring time. Open windows with fresh air blowing in and the smell of flowers are always a welcome presence. But no matter how beautiful it is, you can’t forget about your HVAC unit and maintenance so here are a few spring HVAC tips for you this year.

Never forget to schedule your seasonal tune-up. It is simply making a call and scheduling maintenance check. This will ensure that while you may use your air one some days and your heat on others, it will still all run efficiently. 

Purchasing a new air filter could greatly improve air quality and efficiency. Air filters should be checked every 30 days to ensure the best quality in this time of year.  Spring is also a great time to check out your ductwork. If you notice a room usually colder or warmer than others then you may have issues with duct. This means that your unit is working even harder and costing you even more.
All in all, Spring is the best time to upgrade your air conditioning. New and efficient systems can cool your home better and cheaper. Consider an upgrade as a part of your spring cleaning.

A lot of maintenance can be done to your HVAC unit this time of year so give us a call to schedule a spring maintenance or with any other questions you have.

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