You Need a Humidifier: Here's Why

You Need a Humidifier: Here's Why

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You care about your home being too cold and too hot. What about too dry? Preferably, indoor humidity should fall between "30 to 50 percent" ( A house can drop below expert recommendations, especially in the cold, dry winter. Humidifiers add needed moisture to the air.

There are three main types of humidifiers:

  • Central
  • Cool Mist
  • Warm Mist

 By adding a central humidifier, you can prevent dryness in your house. This kind of humidifier is added to your HVAC system and you can easily change humidity levels with your thermostat. This option is the simplest because you won't have to worry about humidity levels in each separate room. It is also well worth the investment. Why?

Prevents Dry Skin!

One of the biggest reasons to care about the moisture level in your home is because the human body is mostly water. When your living environment becomes dry, moisture from your body can be drawn away. This leaves you with dry skin, dry eyes, and chapped lips.

Warmer Feeling Air! 

A recall from science class: water is all around us. You can't see it because in the form of vapor. The more water vapor, the higher the humidity, the warmer you will feel. A central humidifier can help you feel warm and cozy, while potentially saving on your heating bills. After all, when you feel warm, you can lower the thermostat! 

Prevents Airborne Viruses!

An interesting study by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that a home might be safer from the flu when it has proper humidification. They showed this by simulating flu transmission. First, the researchers used mannequins that were 6 feet apart. Then, they had one of the mannequin's "cough" flu virus particles. Special devices were placed near each "breathing" mannequin's mouth flu particles were captured. Finally, these flu particles were tested for their capacity to infect people ( 

This study revealed that when the humidity level was 23 percent, 70-77 percent of the flu virus particles caused an infection an hour after the coughing simulation. On the other hand, when humidity levels were elevated to 43 percent, only 14 percent of the virus particles were able to infect the mannequin. Also, a majority of the flu particles fell inactive within 15 minutes in the humid air. (

A big reason to consider a central humidifier is to help stall the sharing of germs and viruses. Especially in homes with young children, older adults, or people with compromised immune systems. 

Helps Cold/Flu Symptoms!

When you use a humidifier to add moisture to the air, it may relieve some cold and flu symptoms. Humidifiers help to alleviate some allergies symptoms. This can help you rest and recover from an illness. It may even reduce your snoring! 

Prevents Static!

Moisture in the air makes it so that electricity can be absorbed and more evenly distribute excess charges ( During the dry winter months, static electricity increases. This can wreak havoc on your hair and laundry. 

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